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Wholesale 48L Hot Insulated Food Delivery Cooler Bag for Pizza delivery box motorcycle

1.Product name: vehicle food delivery boxs

2.shape: which can be fixed in the back seat of motorcycle/bicycle

3.Open: Large zip zipper closed, smooth, strong bite force

4.Buckle: At the bottom of the bag there are four webbing with buckle that can be mounted on a bicycle.

5.Internal structure: Internal board structure, can keep the shape of this bag not easy to deform.

6.Exterior material: Waterproof Oxford cloth 1680D

7.Interior material: Antibacterial waterproof aluminum foil.

8.Interlayer: EPE insulation cotton

9.Exterior size: 50*42*35CM

10.Internal size: 43*35*32CM

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This 50L large nylon insulated bike food delivery bag thermal online  is made of highly quality materials and it’s small food delivery cooler bag ,

sales from zhs factory direct and composed of all materials in details as below

Material and fabic:

Outside material:High quality 1680D polyester

Middle Material: 8mm High density EPE

Inside material:Food-grade Aluminum foil

Support material:Food-grade high density XPS board insert to support board around and at the bottom

Product specification:

Outside size: L=50CM,W=42CM, H=35CM

Inside size:L=44CM,W=36CM,H=32CM

Load bearing capacity:50KG

Insulation time:3 to 4 hours

Usage : application on camping,outdoor,takeaway,warm keeping,cooler food cold drink delivery.

At the same time, it is also the best partner product for office workers to bring meals and cold drinks when you go out to play.

Use Attention:Scrub with detergent, not with strong acid and alkali cleaning agents.

It is recommended to wipe outside once a week with a towel, and wipe it clean in time if the soup is sprinkled inside.

Outside material:High quality 1680D polyester

The high quailty 1680Dpolyester has the characteristics of strong tensile strength, bright color, high color fastness and long-term non-fading.Its back is heat-sealed with PVC, which is highly waterproof

Inside material:Food-grade Aluminum foil

Aluminum foil laminated PVC woven fabric has the advantages of strong tensile strength, moisture resistance, air tightness, shading, abrasion resistance, fragrance preservation, non-toxic and tasteless, and has excellent anti-infrared and ultraviolet rays under the effect of silver-white glossy reflection. Absorbs heat and increases the thermal insulation effect of the thermal insulation pack.

50L large nylon insulated bike food delivery bag thermal online has a good thermal insulation effect, and office workers can bring their own lunch to ensure a healthy diet. The use of the takeaway company can keep the temperature of the food unchanged and ensure the quality of the food. It can be used to hold cold drinks when traveling to ensure that there are cold drinks to drink throughout the journey.

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